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Semrush Review

Wondering what SEO tool to use for your Australian website? Whether or not SEMrush is worth spending your time and money on?

semrush australia

In this review, you’ll get answers to all your questions!

If you want to make your site recognised and gain high authority, creating quality content will not be enough.

To improve the SEO of your site and for other functions, you’ll need the right SEO tool.

It generally comes with all the necessary features and functionalities one would need to make his site perform better.

When it comes to the top SEO tools, SEMrush tops the list. Whether you live in the USA, UK, Australia or basically in any part of the world, SEMrush is recommended for all parts of the world.

This product helps in a great way to optimize the sites for search engines.

In this review, we will discuss each and everything about this tool, from its features to the pros and cons. We will also compare it with other popular SEO tools such as AHREFS and will tell which is better and why. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!!

What is SEMrush Australia?

In simple words, SEMrush is a tool that aims at improving the performance of your site and optimizing it for the search engines.

It was developed back in the year 2008 by Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev. Over the past few years, it has gained enormous popularity and currently has more than 5 millions of userbase.

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most used SEO tools in the world.

The tool helps by providing you with detailed information on each and everything about your website which you can use to :

Create powerful and high-quality web content which will naturally attract more traffic.

Modify the technical aspects of your website so that it ranks at a higher position on the search engine result pages.

For instance, it can suggest some high-density keywords based on the phrases you enter, which you can use for creating your articles and blog posts which will perform better and attract more audience.

Allows you to create and earn high-quality backlinks.

It also gives you other suggestions such as the difficultly level of the search phrases of keywords.

It tells about the high authority websites that you can approach to earn quality backlinks.

You can also perform SEO audits on your site to know if there are any areas where you need to improve. It is done to optimize the site and make it rank on the top.

So, these are just a handful of things you can do with SEMrush. It has a lot more to offer. By using its features, you can rank your site on the top of search engine result pages.

SEMrush Key Features

To give you a deeper insight, here are the top five features of SEMrush in detail.

Keyword Difficulty

The keyword difficulty feature of SEMrush gives you an idea of the difficulty level of a specific keyword. Even if you are optimizing your website for Australian keywords, semrush is a great tool.

You will learn how difficult it’s gonna be to rank a specific keyword. So, using it you can choose the keywords that have less competition.

Optimizing and ranking these easy keywords will be much easier and you’ll be able to outrank your competitors and secure the top position on the search result pages.

Generally, the keywords with higher percentages are extremely tough to rank.

Your chances to rank for those specific keywords are fairly low and in fact impossible because your high authority competitors are already big players. So, it is recommended to pick the keywords with less competition and rank yourself on the top. SEMrush will readily suggest those low-competition keywords.

By using this feature, you can have all the information about certain keywords in just a few clicks. It will save a lot of time and effort and will help you to go in the right direction.

Site Audit

The first thing you need to do for optimizing your site is to evaluate it.

This is where the Site Audit feature comes into play. It is basically an SEO analysis tool that allows you to locate and correct the technical SEO issues.

It tells you about your mistakes and errors and thus enables you to fix them. By using this feature, you can quickly check the performance and health of your site and make the necessary changes to make it more accessible to the web crawlers and make sure it offers great user experience.

So, once you’ve spotted issues related to links, content, images, coding, accessibility etc, you can prioritize the issues that need to be fixed first and later on fix all the errors.

The entire optimization process can be pointless if you don’t have a good way to track the performance, progress and results. At this point, SEMrush becomes very useful.

It offers detailed analysis reports that allow you to monitor the health of your site regularly. With the Site Audit feature, you can also perform HTTPS checks, detect AMP implementation errors and fix hreflang issues.

Content Analyzer

As the name suggests, the Content Analyzer feature allows you to determine or simply analyze the value of your content.

While creating the content for your site, make sure to lay emphasis on the quality instead of quantity.

This tool provides you with an overview of the essential metrics to analyze the content such as social impact, user-behaviour, backlinks etc.

When you finish posting your blog post or any other content, you would obviously want some kind of feedback about how it is performing, is it attracting the targeted audience or not, if any other websites are linking to your content etc.

With the help of Content Analyzer, you can track, monitor, measure and evaluate the value of your content. Using it, you’ll be able to know if your content is being shared on the bigger social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

It is not limited to this only, you can also compare your fresh content with your previous content to see which one is performing better and where is the need for improvement. You can also determine which of your content writers or authors are performing better.

Backlink Audit Tool

SEMrush has an extensive database with more than 1 billion backlinks.

It helps by locating all of your backlinks. The Backlink Audit feature also allows you to check the type of the backlinks such as image links, text links, frame links, form links etc.

By using the backlink checker tool, you can easily determine the geographical distribution of your backlinks.

Moreover, when a backlink is checked by this SEMrush tool, it comes along with a “follow” or “no follow” attribute. If some backlink comes out with a “no follow” note, it indicates that you should ignore the link as it will not help your site in any way.

Another advantage of using this tool is, you can detect and remove the harmful backlinks that can harm your website and impact your rankings in a negative manner.

With the Backlink Audit tool, you can also carry out recrawl of your site every two weeks to keep your backlinks clean and healthy.

Domain vs. Domain

While it doesn’t really sound like a feature, it is one of the important functionalities of SEMrush Australia. It is a powerful tool that allows you to compare the domains in your niche area.

It is very important to track your competitors’ performance in order to beat him. With this feature or say tool, you can understand your competitors in a better way. It can be used to find some common keywords that are used by you as well as your competitors. You can also get the idea about the unique keywords they are targeting in order to rank at the topmost position of the search results. You will be able to use this information for improving your site and boosting its overall performance.

SEMrush Australia also allows you to have an eye on the data to make the evaluation simpler and faster. The visual representation of keyword relationships is depicted using Venn-diagrams for better understanding.

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SEMrush Australia Pricing

As far as the pricing of SEMrush is concerned, it is definitely a bit pricey. But the useful features and advanced tools it comes with makes it worth spending your money on. There are four plans you can select from including Pro, Guru, Business and Enterprise, according to your requirements. There is also a customizable plan which you can get designed according to your needs and requirements.

All the paid plans come with 28 highly useful and advanced tools including the ones we have discussed above. However, the limits on the usage of these functionalities vary from plan to plan.

Talking about the alternatives of SEMrush, there are tools like Ahrefs and Moz which offer nearly similar features. We will compare SEMrush with Ahrefs later in this review but before that let’s sum up its pros and cons.

Pros of SEMrush

  • SEMrush is comparatively easy to use than most of the other popular SEO tools.
  • With SEMrush, you get everything at one place, the Domain Analysis is very simple to carry out. Even a beginner can use it with ease.
  • SEMrush has a clean and user-friendly interface. While it offers a large amount of data to analyse and understand, the visual representations through graphs and diagrams make it easy to understand.
  • The link building feature is laid in CRM style that helps you towards outreach.
  • The site auditing feature allows you to evaluate the performance of your site so that you can fix the technical and logical issues for improving the overall SEO.
  • It provides both the organic and PPC data.
  • As compared to its alternatives, SEMrush is very easy to use and also affordable.
  • SEMrush offers a reliable and quick support system. You can get your queries answered quickly via chat, email and call.
  • It comes with a generous 14-day free trial.

Cons of SEMrush

  • On the downside, SEMrush offers data only for Google. Some popular SEO tools like Ahrefs provide data for some other search engines as well. But because Google is the most used search engine of all times, it is not really a drawback.
  • SEMrush is not available for mobile use. Its user interface is not that responsive to be used on a smartphone or tablet.
  • You get only one account per plan and buying other seats can be a bit expensive.
  • Some features of SEMrush are available as “projects” and there is a limit on the number of projects you can run at the same time.
  • The competitive analysis feature comes at $200 / month.

SemrushVS Ahrefs: Which One Is Better And Why?

When it comes to selecting the right SEO tools, many people get confused between SEMrush and Ahrefs. Both of these are extremely popular tools that offer nearly the same features to their users.

However, SEMrush is comparatively a larger organisation than Ahrefs which is popular worldwide. It caters a wide range of users across the globe.

Ahrefs is great at link building aspects. They also have a YouTube channel and a blog that helps you with all your queries. Ahrefs is also good at marketing its tools and features. They also offer additional features such as keyword tracker, content explorer and site audit features no different from SEMrush.

On the other hand, SEMrush has a bigger database as compared to any other tool at present.

This tool has:

  • over 1 billion backlinks and more than 7 billion keywords.
  • the largest keyword database in the world. It is one of the greatest qualities which makes it the best SEO tool in the world.
  • all the features provided by Ahrefs, SEMrush offers additional features such as the ones we have discussed in this post.

From the price point, both come at similar prices. But after looking at the features of both tools, SEMrush offers great value for money.

Also, the free trial offered by SEMrush is more generous than the one offered by Ahrefs.

Although there is no clear winner, each tool has its own set of pros and cons but looking at the price, features and support, SEMrush Australia has a slight edge over its competitors.