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About Us

Money Australia was created in 2019 and is an independent guide to choosing the right trading platform.

We are a team of investors, traders, and researchers who love trying out new trading platforms and apps. With this website we will try to help you choose the best broker or trading app.

The main office of MoneyAustralia.net is located at Suite 3.1 647 Wellington Street, Perth, Australia.

If you want to contact us, send an email to [email protected].

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Our Team


Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore is a serial entrepreneur and founder of MoneyAustralia.net. He’s been running businesses since he was 22 and has been involved with real estate and finance all his life.

Trevor has owned and run several businesses and is always looking for the next challenge. Trevor loves analyzing stocks.


Thank you to over 30 people (authors, research team, programmers, customer support) who helped create this website.

This is how we make money.