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Best Food Delivery Apps

There’s no denying, coming across the best delivery apps in Australia can be a thrilling game-changer for any Aussie searching for convenience and delicious meal options.

food delivery apps

They offer ease of access to hundreds of locals’ favorite restaurants, exclusive offers, and so much more at your fingertips.

But, how do you know which one suits your tastes, meets your needs, or gives you the best perks?

Best Delivery Apps in Australia

In Australia, food delivery applications have become a centerpiece of convenience, speed, and diverse cuisines, completely revamping the culinary landscape.

Despite several popular apps like Deliveroo or Foodora leaving the Australian market, the country boasts a strong presence of food delivery apps that cater to varying tastes and budgets.

1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an Aussie favourite, operating in most major cities and allowing users to search by dishes, cuisines, or restaurant names. This app aims to deliver local foods to your door at ‘Uber Speed’.

The platform was established by Uber in 2014, made its foray into Australia in 2016. Nearly 1/6 Australians is now hooked on Uber Eats.

Millennials, who are currently between 31 and 46 years old, have jumped on this trend the most. Almost 46% of them are using meal delivery services every three months.

Sydney has the highest usage at nearly 42%, closely followed by Melbourne at 40%.

Over 7 million Australians, or about 33% of the population, are using meal delivery service apps (with slightly more women than men using these apps).

  • Options: Large variety of cuisines
  • Unique Selling Point: User-friendly interface and option to search by dishes
  • Convenience: Speedy delivery and convenience of exploring multiple restaurants

2. Hey You

  • Developer: Adam Theobald and Rebekah Campbell
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Unique Selling Point: Most popular app for ordering coffee
  • Convenience: Discover new cafes, check menus, order before arrival

3. Happy Cow

  • Developer: California-based activation studio that specializes in vegan and vegetarian-friendly contents
  • Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
  • Unique Selling Point: Catering to vegetarians and vegans with local recommendations
  • Convenience: Personalised food recommendations based on dietary preferences

4. Menulog

Menulog holds the distinction of being the largest and oldest food delivery app in Australia. Its extensive coverage reaches around 90% of residences, providing over 70 genres of cuisine from 11,000 restaurants.

  • Developer: Leon Kamenev and Dan Katz
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Unique Selling Point: Extensive delivery coverage, delivering to 90% of all addresses in Australia
  • Area Coverage: Exclusive to the Australian market


EASI distinguishes itself as the largest Asian food delivery platform in Australia. It offers more than 25,000 restaurants for you to pick a delicious meal from.

  • Owned By: HungryPanda SG Pte. Ltd
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Markets: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK., US, Canada

Top Food Delivery Services

The clear front runner is Uber Eats, commanding substantial popularity among Aussies.

With its strategic restaurant partnerships and ability to deliver local foods to your door at ‘Uber Speed’, it sits at the throne of delivery apps in Australia.

However, competition is stiff.

Menulog, the country’s widely established delivery service, is impressive with coverage reaching 90% of all residences and featuring 70 genres of cuisine from a whopping 11,000 restaurants.

Beyond these apps, there’s also Hey You, Australia’s most popular app for ordering coffee and uncovering new cafes. For the vegans and vegetarians in Australia, Happy Cow recommends local restaurants, markets, and health food stores.

Several delivery services compete stat for stat. DoorDash, a relatively new entrant, is gaining traction with its unique selling point of not limiting its delivery to only food but also including diverse options like pet stores, grocery stores, and florists.

Among the most popular delivery apps in Australia, the top names include Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo, and EASI. These platforms have revolutionized the culinary world in the country, offering convenience and a variety of cuisines.

Yet, it does not currently provide its services in Australia. This opens up space for alternative services such as EASI, the largest Asian food delivery platform in the country with more than 25,000 restaurants.

The main charm of EASI is their much lower commissions for merchants as compared to Uber Eats (15-25% vs. 30%), which translates to cheaper food prices for consumers. Changing the game of coffee ordering, Hey You stands as Australia’s top app for the cause, letting users discover new cafes, check menus, and order ahead to beat queues.

Another niche-specific service, Happy Cow, caters to the need of vegetarians and vegans, suggesting local restaurants, grocers, farmers markets, and health food stores.


New Food Delivery Apps

The ever-evolving landscape of food delivery apps in Australia provides a lot of options for Aussies. Both locals and visitors can conveniently enjoy a delicious meal on their device with a few clicks.

Among the new entries in the food delivery arena, some standout options include:

  • Hey You helping its users discover new cafes, order, pay in advance, and beat the queues. It’s become a local favourite for coffee lovers.
  • DoorDash a popular US app that now operates in Australia. It delivers from a vast selection of restaurants, grocery stores, pet stores, and even florists.
  • EASI the largest Asian food delivery platform in Australia with over 25,000 Asian food options available.
  • FoodByUs promoting a unique selling point, it connects home chefs and caterers with customers for a more personalized service.

These new delivery apps are changing the game, offering Australian consumers more than just food deliveries.

Australian Food Delivery Trends

Australians are showing an increasing preference for the convenience of food delivery services, whether it’s for a busy evening at work or a cosy night in. As a result, food delivery apps have revolutionized the culinary world in Australia, championing convenience but also introducing consumers to an extensive range of foods and cuisines from the comfort of their homes.

The Rise of Healthier Options

The trend has seen a move towards healthier and more diverse food offerings. Apps like Happy Cow are especially popular with vegans and vegetarians, offering curated recommendations for local restaurants and health food stores.

This is indicative of the rise in healthier food options on many delivery apps.

High-Speed Delivery

Another notable trend is the demand for faster delivery times. Uber Eats has made its mark in the Australian market by bringing food to their customers’ doors at “Uber Speed”.

Local Flavours

Connecting consumers to local flavours and restaurants is also a growing trend, with many delivery services widening their area coverage to include local and regional areas.

In summary, the best delivery apps in Australia are the ones that cater not just to the consumer’s hunger, but also their time, convenience, and dietary preferences.

Apps That Left The Australian Market


Deliveroo, despite having left the Australian market, was an app that provided a range of food choices, with the option to add alcohol to meals and large-scale catering options.

  • Developer: Will Shu and Greg Orlowski
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Unique Selling Point: Option to add alcohol to meals and catering options for businesses
  • Area Coverage: Operating internationally in cities across Europe, Asia and Oceania

Fastest Delivery Apps In Australia

Speed is a primary concern for many Australians looking for food delivery services. For those in a hurry, Uber Eats stands out with the promise of delivering local foods to your door at ‘Uber Speed’.

Menulog, the largest food delivery service in Australia, offers an extensive range of foods from over 11,000 restaurants. It prides itself in its wide coverage, reaching 90% of all residences and its promise to deliver within half an hour.

Alternatively, consider Deliveroo if you want to add a bottle of alcohol with meals. Deliveroo promises a delivery time of half an hour too and provides catering options.

The availability of convenient food delivery apps has been a game changer for the Australian culinary world. Uber Eats lets users search by dishes, cuisines, or restaurant names.

It’s preferred by the Aussies for its user-friendly interface and extensive coverage.

Hey You, the most popular app for ordering coffee in Australia, allows users to discover new cafes, order ahead and bypass queues. It offers the ultimate convenience for the coffee lovers.

For the ones looking for healthier and unique food options, Happy Cow app is a treat. The app recommends local restaurants, grocers, health food stores and more, specifically catering to vegetarians and vegans.

Delivery Apps With A Wide Selection Of Food

In Australia, a wide selection of food delivery apps has found a significant place in the cuisine landscape. Regardless of your dish preferences or budget, there is an app capable of delivering your desired meal to your door.

Since the departure of Deliveroo and Foodora from the Australian market, other apps have stepped up to compete, changing the game in the country’s food delivery services.

Among them, Uber Eats stands out as a popular app, operating internationally with an extensive area coverage in Australia.

It provides Aussies with access to a multitude of local foods delivered at ‘Uber Speed’, with the added convenience of enabling users to search by dishes, cuisines, or restaurant names.

Moreover, Menulog, one of Australia’s oldest food delivery apps, delivers to 90% of all addresses, making it the biggest-reaching service. With over 11,000 restaurants and more than 70 genres of cuisine, Menulog offers an extensive range of foods to choose from.

  • Uber Eats
  • Menulog
  • DoorDash
  • Hey You
  • EASI
  • FoodByUs

Asian Cuisine Delivery Apps

EASI is a major player in the Asian food delivery platform sphere in Australia. Known for serving primarily Asian cuisine, it’s touted as the largest Asian food delivery platform in the country, with an impressive array of more than 25,000 restaurants to choose from.

This offers a vast gamut of Asian food options, from Chinese and Thai to Indian and many more.

Although primarily a food delivery service, EASI stands apart from others with its unique selling point: it provides translations in multiple languages, making it accessible to non-English speakers.

A newer but rapidly emerging player in the game is DoorDash. Beyond its comprehensive selection of restaurants, it distinguishes itself by enabling delivery from pet stores, grocery stores, and florists, adding to the convenience for Australian consumers.

These apps have revolutionized opportunities for appreciating Asian cuisine in Australia, thanks to their speed, broad coverage, and variety.

  • EASI
  • DoorDash


What factors determine the ranking of the best food delivery apps in Australia?

The best delivery apps in Australia are ranked primarily based on convenience. Other key factors include speed of delivery, price, diversity of cuisines, area coverage, and user reviews.

Is DoorDash operating in Australia?

As of now, DoorDash, a popular US app, does not currently offer food delivery in Australia. However, when it’s live, it promises fast delivery service not just for food, but also from pet stores, grocery stores, and florists.

Does Uber Eats charge a service fee?

Yes, Uber Eats does charge a service fee. However, with their Uber One subscription, you can enjoy reduced service fees as one of the exclusive offers.

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