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HighLow Review

Highlow is the only regulated binary options broker in Australia. Highlow was established in 2010 in Australia.

At the moment, Highlow is the only binary options broker that has an ASIC license in Australia.

  • ASIC Regulated
  • $50 Minimum Deposit
  • $50 Cashback Offer

Highlow Platform Design

As soon as you visit the website you are greeted with a very clean and elegant website. I have been visiting a good few sites like this and too many go for the bland black and white look.

highlow review

The thing that jumps out of the screen and into my view is the “Quick Demo” tab, a great luxury often omitted from these kinds of services. Despite being in my opinion a crucial part of any service available online, I’m far more likely to trust a place with my money if I know I won’t get lost on the site after 10 minutes.

Company: HighLow
Type of Trading: Binary Options
Regulation: ASIC – Australian Financial Services Licence number 364264
Contact – Phone 1300-870-442
Contact – Email Click here

The next thing I notice is the clean and user friendly design.

It’s easy to understand and another great thing for both beginners, as well as users with more experience, who potentially came from other websites.

Highlow Resources

Clearly prepared to provide for the newer traders, Highlow offers a wide variety of resources for their users to use, below you will find a cohesive list of said services.

  • Customer support
  • Quick access to funds
  • A demo of their service
  • Four levels of complexity, from “Highlow” to “Turbo Spread”
  • A list of “popular assets” on the front page
  • A platform walk-through
  • Video training
  • Options glossary

From the above mentioned features I have to admit the glossary is the thing for me – too many times have I been going through a service – be it trading-related or completely unrelated, when I come across an unfamiliar term which I have to track down the meaning of online.

With the glossary you can check the list of words, each with a quick definition. The words are even listed alphabetically for your convenience, going over terms ranging in understandability from “USD” to “Underlying Security Price”.

Broker Bonuses

Highlow offers a bonus in the form of $50 cash-back. It’s nice to see that in addition to using their great pratform, you also are receiving money for trading.

highlow website review

There isn’t much to say about the bonus – all you have to do is register and you get the bonus.

Trading Apps

The highlow application is available on the

  • PC
  • Android
  • IOS

There is also an online application, essentially meaning you don’t have to deal with downloading updates.

The services are free no matter which platform you choose and are a great solution for you as a trader, be it anywhere in the house or during a break at work – you do need internet to use any of the application ofcourse.

Support Team

To access the support tab, you have to scroll down to the bottom and click the help button. Inside you will be redirected to a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, below you will find two options for issues that are not covered in the FAQ.

“Submit a help request” is the option marked as recommended on the page. You can choose whether or not you have an issue or wish to suggest a feature.

After picking the topic you can proceed to writing the details of your problem.

Alternatively you can click the “Speak with a consultant” option. When clicking the button you can choose to reconsider your choice of using the “Speak with a consultant” option. They justify this by saying it’s more efficient for both parties if you submit a help request.

If you insist you wish to talk to a person, you will find thier phone number, as well as the times when you can come in contact. It’s important to keep in mind that they are only available for a call during week days. Even then they are only available between 8:00 and 18:00 (AEDT / AEST).

At busy times, you can expect to be on hold for 15 minutes of so.

Is Highlow a Good Broker?

In conclusion, is Highlow a safe service or not, and is it profitable? I think that it’s safe to say that Highlow is in fact the only binary options broker in Australia, that has an ASIC license. It’s not easy to get recognized as a trading company nowadays. Even more so as a binary options broker.

There are no legitimate complaints that I know that the would imply that Highlow is a questionable service.