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How Much Cash Can I Withdraw from a Bank in Australia?

Carrying around a large sum of cash is dangerous for your safety and many people would advise against it.

However, how can you withdraw such a large sum, and how ‘large’ of a sum can you carry?

It obviously depends on the laws in every country, and Australia happens to have a more lax view on this subject. After all, it is your money, your property.

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So, let’s talk about how much money you are allowed to withdraw from your bank account as well as if there are any processes involved in withdrawing such a large amount.

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How Large Of A Sum Of Money Can You Withdraw From Your Bank Account?

You will be delighted to know that Australian banks allow its customers to withdraw as much as they like from their preexisting bank account. Although you’re allowed to withdraw as much as you want, banks do have restrictions.

These restrictions are not based on any law, but rather on the bank’s own policies.  Some banks may only allow you to withdraw $20,000 dollars in a day.

However, this can only be done if you give the bank a day’s notice. This is because they need to accumulate the funds, so if you walk into a branch and ask to withdraw about $4000, you won’t be met with success.

If You Do This, The Authorities Will Be Notified

If you’re wondering what this is,  it’s nothing too serious. However, if you notify your bank, and then manage to withdraw a sum greater to or equal to $10,000, then the bank, by law has to report your withdrawal to the authorities.

The authorities in question are the ATRAC, also known as the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre.

Not only will the bank have to report that you made such a transaction, but you will also be questioned by the bank’s staff.

They will ask you for your personal details including any form of identification you have as well as why you want to carry out the transaction.

Your details will be reported as the Australian Government implements a law called the AML/CTF, also known as the anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing legislation.

This works to help reduce the risk of Australian banks being used for the illegal activities of money laundering and terrorism financing.

With that being said, you are now more informed of how much money you can withdraw and the process behind it.