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Everything you need to know about delivering for Uber Eats

If you’ve ever considered food delivery as a great way to earn some extra income, you’re certainly not alone.

become uber eats driver

After all, demand for food delivery services in Australia has increased significantly over the past few years, particularly as our ways of living and working have changed.

And since Uber Eats is a leader in online food delivery, if you’re looking for ways to supplement your income, Uber Eats might be a great option for you.

Get started today:

  1. Sign up online: Visit www.uber.com/au/en/deliver and download the Uber Driver app
  2. Provide documentation: You’ll need to provide a few documents and will need to lodge a background check and right to work check.
  3. Start delivering: Once the sign up process is completed, you should be able to start earning in around 5 business days.

Find out more at www.uber.com/au/en/deliver

Why Choose Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a globally recognised name, making it an easy choice for many people, as a brand they can trust.

What could make delivering with Uber Eats a smart choice for you to earn some extra money:

  • It allows the flexibility to work around studies, family or other work or commitments
  • You can earn extra money in your spare time
  • You can decide when to work and how many hours you want to do on any given day
  • There’s no boss, no uniform and no interview
  • It is easy to sign up and get started
  • You can earn while getting out and about
  • You can explore new areas of your city
  • You keep 100% of your tips

More than just food delivery

Uber Eats has expanded its services to include grocery and alcohol delivery (in select markets). This allows more opportunities for deliveries throughout the day, rather than solely around peak meal periods”.

Start earning in your spare time.

Why not get started with Uber Eats?

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