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How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia?

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia?
Not too long ago, Amazon’s delivery service was launched in Australia. The system is similar to Uber, except as an Amazon Flex driver, you will be delivering packages to individuals.

That’s right, people like you and I can sign up as an Amazon Flex Driver and get paid to deliver packages that are orders from Amazon.

Where in Australia is this Gig Available?

Currently, those who are in Sydney and Melbourne can sign up to be an Amazon flex driver.

How Can I Become an Amazon Flex Driver?

In order to qualify as an Amazon Flex driver, you will need to be 20 years of age or older, own a four-door car as well as an ABN and have a legit driver’s license. In order to run the Amazon app, you will be required to have a smartphone.

Amazon Flex Vehicle Requirements

Now that we have covered your requirements, let’s talk about the Amazon Flex Vehicle requirements. As we previously stated, you will need to have a 4-door car. This can be an SUV, or Sedan. As long as the vehicle has four doors and a covered bed, it should work.

This vehicle will also need to have car insurance that is up to date as well as compulsory third-party personal injury coverage.

The year of the vehicle doesn’t matter. However, we recommend a vehicle that is reliable (of course) because if you miss any deliveries, Amazon could deactivate you.

When it comes to your vehicle, from our experience, Amazon Flex isn’t that picky. As long as the vehicle is large enough to be able to carry enough packages that will keep you busy for a couple of hours, then it should be fine. Two-door passenger cars and motorcycles won’t qualify for this reason.

On top of the car insurance you already have, Amazon provides Amazon Insurance Coverage (this isn’t going to cost you anything and is subject to deductibles). This will cover you for your Amazon Flex deliveries.

How to Sign Up to be an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia?

In order to sign up to be an Amazon Flex Driver in Australia, you need to go to this site to download the app. Once you are on the site, click on the “let’s drive” section.

To determine your eligibility, you will be required to answer some brief questions (this shouldn’t take long). During this time, you will need to choose the area you can deliver in and take some time to watch some practice videos. You’ll also need to provide your payment and tax details.

Once you have the app downloaded, go ahead and set up your account. You will need to pass a background check. When you pass the background check, you can search for delivery opportunities that are suitable for you.

In order to search your area for available delivery blocks, all you have to do is open the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone. With each offer, there will be expected earnings as well as an estimation of the time it should take you to complete the delivery.

It’s Time to Start Making Deliveries

When the day of your chosen block has arrived, you will need to drive over to your designated Amazon location where you will be picking up the packages to deliver. You will need to use the Amazon Flex app and drive to each destination. At each destination, you will be delivering the package that belongs to that address.

Now it’s Time to Get Paid

Once your Amazon deliveries are done, it’s now time for you to collect payment for a job well done. Amazon Flex pays their drivers through direct deposit once a week. Using the Amazon Flex app, you can track your payments by going to the Earnings section.

How Many Amazon Block Deliveries Can be Done in a Day?

Currently, the daily limit is nine blocks. Most blocks will take between 3 to 4 hours. If you choose to work in a 4 hour block, it may be hard for you to reach the limit of 9 blocks.

How Many Hours a Week Can You Do Amazon Flex?

As an Amazon Flex Driver, you can get up to 29 hours of work each week.

How Much Money Can You Make as an Amazon Flex Driver?

As an Amazon Flex driver in Australia, you can expect to make anywhere from $18 to $25 an hour by doing blocks.  Also, if you work overtime, you will not be compensated for this.

Also, take note that you will be working as an independent contractor, which means you are responsible for your own expenses. This means you will need to pay for your own gas. However, if you encounter a toll booth while making a delivery, you can get reimbursed for that, just submit a toll reimbursement (this can be done via the Flex app).

Benefits of Being an Amazon Flex Driver

One of the biggest benefits of being an Amazon Flex driver is the freedom you get. You can choose your shifts when you want in various blocks and you get to pick the location that is suitable for you. There will be times when you will get a really good route, but there will also be times when you get a poor route. However, you shouldn’t let the bad times outweigh the good, because working as an Amazon Flex Driver can be exciting.

What We Think About Amazon Flex

For those of you who have been in a financial bind due to the pandemic, picking up a side job is a great idea.

Many are choosing to work for Amazon Flex as a driver because it’s flexible and you will get to pick your own times. You can do the deliveries in the morning, and by noon, head over to your second job (if you have one).

Either way you stack it, working as an Amazon Flex driver can be a whole lot of fun and a great way to make some money.

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